Wraparound Labelling System

This PLS Wraparound labelling system has been designed for labelling a large range of parallel-sided cylindrical containers plus many tapered products.

Applications include front and back partial wraps to 360 degree wraparounds with overlap.

Throughput speeds are totally dependant on the length of label and product size but typical speeds range between 40-80 cpm

Products can be labelled either full or empty.

Paper, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) labels can be used on this system. Anti-static equipment is used when apply PE or PP labels.

Various sizes of containers can be catered for ranging from 15mm in diameter right up to a 20L

Three types of product separation are available depending on the products to be labelled, motor driven rotary disk, gating cylinders and scroll drives.

Two types of wraparound labelling system are available; pneumatic cylinder with drive roller or wraparound belt (as shown in the picture).  


Technical Specification

  • Services - 240Vac, 50Hz, 10A
  • Air - Up to 6 bar
  • Typical conveyor dimensions -
        2.0m long x 150mm wide
       (final specification determines actual size)
  • Throughput speed - Up to 180 cpm
                           (dependant on label length)

    Machine Options

  • Label width options - 75mm, 150mm
                                     210mm or 300mm
  • Variable speed
  • Hot Foil Coder
  • Thermal Printer
  • Product Counter
  • Low Reel and End of Label Reel Alarms
  • Clear label detection
  • Static eliminators
  • Product separating unit
  • Barcode verification