Top and Bottom Labelling System

The PLS Top and Base labeller automatically applies labels to either the top and/or base of various sizes of trays.

The system allows for easy operator change over when labelling many differing pack sizes, resulting in reduced down time.

The standard machine comes with a fixed speed drive but a variable speed option is available on request.

High-speed variable servo drives maximise throughput and will give accurate print registration. Throughput is dependant on accuracy and line speed.

The system can be supplied with two Top and two Bottom label applicators with an auto-change over facility to reduce down time even further.  

The standard machine is built predominantly in stainless steel . A fully stainless steel labelling system with IP ratings is available on request.  

The system comes fitted with fully lockable castors and adjustable feet to cater for irregularities in the floor. It will readily fit into any production line and is flexible enough to move from line to line.  


Technical Specification

  • Services - 240Vac, 50Hz, 10A
  • Typical conveyor dimension -
                             1.5m long x 200mm wide
  • Throughput speed - 100ppm approx
                            (dependant on pack size)
  • Label size - Width up to 150mm
                                  (Wider upon request)

    Standard Pack Dimensions

  • Width up to 400mm
  • Length up to 500mm
  • Height up to 200mm

    Machine Options

  • Hot Foil Coder
  • Thermal Printer
  • Low reel and end of reel alarms
  • Variable speed
  • Counter