Registration Tin Labeller (RTL)

The RTL (Registration Tin Labeller) has been designed to apply one or two labels in register to cylindrical containers with a pre-printed livery. It is also capable of applying full or partial wraparound labels to containers with no livery.

The standard RTL handles containers ranging from 125ml up to 5 Litre but it can be adapted for containers outside of this range.

It is fully microprocessor controlled and has memory settings for 100 different containers as standard with an expansion capability up to 250 containers.

If a label needs to be applied above a handle (in the case of 2.5L and 5L) then a handle lifting option is available.

Back-up sensors are fitted as standard so that the labeller can work as part of a fully automatic line. End of reel and missing label alarms are fitted as standard.

Labelling speeds of 60cpm are achievable on the smaller containers.


Technical Specification

  • 250ml to 5L as standard
  • Interlocked guarding
  • Low label reel alarms
  • End of label reel alarms
  • Up to 60cpm
  • 300mm label reel as standard
  • 210mm label height as standard
  • Product back up sensor
  • 100 memory resident memory
               programs (250 upon request)
  • 2.0m conveyor length as standard
  • Image mark sensors - optional

    Services Required

  • Electric - 240V @ 50Hz
  • Air - up to 6 Bar