Mini Flash Label Applicator

The PLS Mini Flash labeller has been developed to cater for a low cost solution to promotional labelling.

The label applicator is of a rugged design and able to perform well in harsh environments.

High-speed variable servo drive maximises throughput and will give accurate label registration. Throughput is dependant on pack sizes and line speed.

The standard machine is built predominantly in stainless steel. A fully stainless steel labelling system with IP65 ratings is available on request.

The label applicator can be supplied with a basic mobile stand mounted on fully lockable castors. The stand is predominantly made from stainless steel.

It will readily fit above any production line and is flexible enough to move from line to line.

A variable speed option with encoder feedback is available on request.  


Technical Specification

  • Services - 240Vac, 50Hz, 10A
  • Manual variable speed control
  • Label width - Up to 150mm.
  • 250mm reel holder
  • Core size up to 76mm
  • Dispenses over a 1000 labels per hour
                         (dependant on label length)

    Machine Options

  • Label width options - 75mm, 150mm
  • Speed synchronisation through encoder
  • Product Counter
  • Low Reel and End of Label Reel Alarms
  • Clear or metalised label detection
  • Product sensors - inductive,
        retro-reflective, capacitive, ultrasonic
                                              and diffused