C-Wrap Labelling System with Flash Labeller

The PLS C-Wrap automatically applies a three panel self adhesive label to the top, front and base of a very wide range of trays containing meat, fish, ready made meals and fresh produce in a broad range of pack sizes and shapes.

This system can be used in conjunction with any approved weighing equipment for catch-weight applications.

The system can accommodate up to 400mm diameter reels of labels to minimise the number of reel changes in a day and with numeric indicators on all operator adjustments, downtime is kept to an absolute minimum when changing between products.

High-speed servo motor drives maximise throughput and the web tension control unit gives both accurate print registration and positive label wipe down.

Last label printing makes the unit ideal for fixed and catch weight applications with operating speeds, dependant on pack size, of up to 60 trays per minute.  

Sample Product  Sample Product

Technical Specification

  • Services - 240Vac, 50Hz, 10A
  • Air - Up to 6 bar
  • Throughput speed - Up to 60ppm
                  (dependant on pack/label size)
  • Label width - Up to 210mm.
  • Last label printing

    Machine Options

  • Variable or fixed speed
  • Thermal Printer - 53mm or 107mm wide
  • Fixed weight or Catch weight
  • Product Counter
  • Low Reel and End of Label Reel Alarms
  • Low Reel and End of Ribbon Alarms
  • Flash labeller
  • Clear label detection
  • Outfeed rotary table